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Community Service

Our Community Service projects are wide ranging and are not only in the form of financial support, but are often the provision of equipment, transport, care and other forms of assistance.

The Lions motto is “We Serve”, and wherever possible we like to find a way to do just that!

Who do we help – typically it’s

  • Families and individuals who are in some way disadvantaged, and the homeless.
  • Elderly and disabled individuals.
  • Local schools, charities and organisations working towards improving our community.

If you know someone or a local charity in need, or can offer your assistance in delivering support to local people, then please get in touch via the contact us page.

Lions International Foundation

We also support the global arm of Lions, who provide assistance around the world, for example, when natural disasters strike. They provide funds to the local Lions Club to help them alleviate distress in their local community.

Lions International also run global programmes to support various healthcare initiatives including diabetes, sight saving and environmental issues.